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The Mobile Library Project

Although 58% of Lakia’s 10,000 residents are children, Lakia has no public library.  The Mobile Library Project was set up in 2000 to provide children in Lakia and the unrecognized villages in the area with an opportunity to read and exchange books to improve their reading skills, instill a love of reading and facilitate their educational achievement.

Three days a week, the Mobile Library travels in Lakia and the unrecognized villages of Abu Kef, Owajan and Alatresh, all of which are denied municipal services. At each stop enthusiastic children check out books in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Volunteer university students organize story hours and operate the library in exchange for a small stipend. We estimate that the library reaches some 1,750 children of all ages.

Future plans for the Mobile Library include extending operations to a full week, the expansion of library visits to more unrecognized villages for the benefit of even more children, development of an area for games, and the procurement of new books. sifriya-natedet

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