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Desert Embroidery



The air conditioned Desert Embroidery Store is located right outside the Visitor Center hospitality tent in Lakia. In it you will find colorful hand embroidered pillows in many shapes and sizes, an assortment of attractive embroidered shoulder bags and cosmetic cases, place mats, wall hangings in different colors and sizes, clothing items like full length dresses, shawls and scarfs, jewelry and much more. If you visit in the morning you can watch Bedouin women at work in the sewing workshop. The shop walls are filled with photos and articles on the work of the Lakia women.

Our prices are reasonable and tourists from abroad will discover a large selection of unique handmade gifts that weigh little and take up minimal space. Every item comes with a colorful leaflet on the work of the Association for the Improvement of Women’s Status, Lakia.  Best of all, the women staffing the store are happy to answer questions in English, Hebrew and Arabic about the products and about Bedouin life.

The store can accommodate both groups and individuals.  Store hours are from 9:30 – 13:30 Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 – 16:00 on Saturday. The store may be open during additional hours or closed for Association functions or Moslem holidays, so we suggest you phone in advance of a visit: 08-6513208


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