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Youth Leadership Programs

Youth leadership and empowerment is a major goal of the Association.  In the Youth Leadership Project Create Your Own Path teenage girls meet with a social worker for lectures, community projects and creative fun. The girls in the program gain greater self-confidence in expressing themselves in public and help themselves and other girls cope with the problems of teenage life in the Bedouin community. The girls are enthusiastic volunteers at the Association and in community projects.
The Empowering the Periphery Project focuses on community and national advocacy. Youth in the project, both boys and girls, meet to discuss civil rights, community development and advocacy with specialists in these fields. The project focuses on capacity building, community projects, and developing resources and marketing skills.  
Our youth are the future of the Bedouin community.  At the Association for the Improvement of Women's Status, Lakia we believe that positive social change lies in cultivating youthful leaders who will develop their educational and social skills while contributing to the community. Through our youth leadership programs we are creating the leaders of the future.

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